the “7 WORD” RULE
Research has shown that people don’t usually read a sign, they “look” at it. They only “see” about seven words on a sign that make the impression and tell them what they want to know.

The principle comes from billboard advertising and is based on the fact that people driving at high rates of speed only have time to comprehend seven words. We don’t do billboards, but we do have some of our signs in places where the traffic is traveling pretty fast. So we encourage brevity and simplicity and feel it is the most effective way to inform, persuade and be remembered.

The most effective sign leaves a positive, memorable impression in the mind of the viewer.

A sign noticed and remembered has done its job.

Listing every one of your services on your street sign is probably not worth your money and may actually damage your chances of being remembered. Too many words blur and confuse the message. Once you have the customer inside, then you show them everything you can do.