conference room sign
interior sign with raised letters
Aluminum letters for Newport Eye Care
Donor Recognition Wall Signs

Donor Recognition Wall Signs

Donor Recognition is an opportunity to combine an artistic concept with a functional purpose. Creative design that works with the architecture of a space and will honor those whose dreams, time and money went into building something for generations to come.

  • Custom Design
  • Comes complete with durable clear covers and hardware
  • Unlimited background color and/or images
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Bronze, Brass and Aluminum Plaques

Bronze, Brass and Aluminum Plaques

These plaques are used to identify, dedicate, commemorate or recognize people, places, deeds or events. They provide the versatility to accommodate each of these functions more professionally and with more dignity than any other medium available. They are a symbol of distinction, projecting an image of quality and stability and add to the professional quality of any architectural environment. We offer unlimited possibilities for bronze or aluminum castings.

  • Border and Texture Options
  • Mounting options
  • Portrait Options
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Wood Cafe sign

Wood Cafe sign

Hahbah Java Cafe

  • Gold-leaf lettering
  • Mahogany substrate
  • Cove-routed edge