It’s no secret that Maine offers a harsh environment that is a challenge to anything that is out in the weather. So we take care to produce signs that have the best chance of standing up to the dampness, cold and sun. Fighting the elements starts with finding and using the highest quality materials. Then it’s taking the time in preparation and actual production to make sure things are done right; the wood is dry, the edges are taken care of, the paint goes on at the right temperature, etc.

the owl's nest sign
mdo board sign

Paradise North sign

MDO board house sign
camp sign

Breezy Point sign

MDO board camp sign
camp sign

Camp Sign ~ Nuthatch Lane

MDO board house sign
Newport Industrial Park sign

Newport Industrial Park

Newport Industrial Park sign
kennebec seaplanes sign

Sign for Kennebec Seaplanes

MDO sign with bas-relief plane
Newport town-line signs

Newport signs upgrade

Town-line sign

Peoples United Methodist sign

PVC changeable letter sign
vintage-look sign

Vintage Country Sign

barn board vintage sign
Sam Ball Farm Sign

A Classic Country Sign

Simple layout, vintage letter style
Haven Hill camp sign

Haven Hill Camp sign

printed camp sign
Casa Cattle Company

Casa Cattle Company

Farm sign w/ photo
Floret Fine Flowers sign

Floret Fine Flowers

Printed sign w/ bas-relief "F"
Devil's Head Club camp sign

Devil’s Head Club Camp Sign

printed on wood
bas-relief sign

Business Sign

MDO sign with carved hands
Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets sign for office

Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets Sign

MDO sign, 4 ft. wide
Woodland Acres Housing sign

Woodland Acres Sign

Property Management sign
veterans sign

Veterans Park sign

carved and gold sign, Pittsfield, Maine
Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets site sign

Street signs: light-weight and durable

PVC sandwich board stand
People's Salon & Spa, exterior sign

Peoples Salon & Spa

Peoples Salon & Spa, Waterville, Maine
Camp Sign, "Lake House"

Lake House

Lake House Sign on MDO board
Camp sign for Sylvan Shores

Sylvan Shores

Sylvan Shores identity sign, on MDO board

anthony lee's winery sign

Anthony Lee’s Winery

Winery in Dexter, Maine. MDO board

Zi Photography sign

Zi Photography

An Ellsworth Photography Studio. Sign is MDO board with bas-relief, carved logo
Newport Cultural Center

Newport Cultural Center

Newport Cultural Center in Newport, Maine. Houses the town library and the Historical Society Museum.
Maplewood Farm sign

Maplewood Farm sign

hand-painted center
Margaret Chase Smith installation

Margaret Chase Smith Library sign

  • Carved and Gold-leaf lettering
  • bas-relief painted logo
  • Urethane Foam substrate
Shorey-Nichols Funeral Home

Shorey-Nichols Funeral Home

  • Carved and Gold-leaf lettering.
  • Flat gold-leaf logo
  • Red Cedar substrate
Lanham Blackwell Attorneys

Lanham Blackwell Attorneys

Lanham Blackwell Attorneys carved sign, located on Broadway in the historic district, Bangor, Maine.
Vermette, Holistic Dentistry

Vermette, Holistic Dentistry

Carved sign with gold-leafed, bas-relief bird (in the logo)

carved sign

Crosby Funeral Home

Classic carved and goldleaf sign, set off by dramatic landscaping by the owners.

carved sign

Details, Inc. Ellsworth, Maine

Top sign: Carved sign located in Ellsworth, Maine.
Sign below: Flat lettering on MDO with wood frame.
Structural design & woodworking by the owner, Details, Inc.
Margaret Chase Smith Library

Margaret Chase Smith Library

Margaret Chase Smith Library, Skowhegan, Maine

  • Carved
  • Gold leaf lettering
  • Bas-relief carved rose
exterior sign

WillowBrook sign

WillowBrook, Levant, Maine

  • Carved
  • Owner Landscaped
carved sign

Miraflores at Birchstone Knoll

Miraflores at Birchstone Knoll, carved sign

  • Custom Design
  • Carved Red Cedar
  • Bas-relief carved top
Maine Choice Realty

Maine Choice Realty

Maine Choice Realty
  • Custom Design
  • Carved, gold-leaf
  • 1 1/2" red cedar substrate
dimensional sign

LoonSong Gallery

  • Custom Design
  • Three dimensional, carved
  • Bas-relief carved logo
Cottage sign

Cottage sign

  • Custom Design
  • MDO Substrate
  • hand-painted loon pictorial
sign board

Schoolhouse Studio

Carved and goldleafed sign, approx. 11 ft. long

Town Centre carved/goldleaf sign

Town Centre carved/goldleaf sign

Town Centre Residences sign. Hampden, Maine
  • Carved lettering
  • Gold-leaf.
  • Hand-painted pictorial